Timing Discounts Payments

Delivery times, discounts and payment methods

Item timing: It will be 2/10 days depending on the item purchased.

Puppy timing: Since ours is an amateur breeding and therefore with a few mares cats that make few litters a year it may happen that you will have to wait up to 120/180 days (it is always better to contact us to be sure about the timing of the puppy's transfer)

Discounts and Payments: You can decide whether to buy directly from our breeding by sending us a confirmation deposit of 250.00 euros and the rest to be paid comfortably in the breeding farm by cash or immediate bank transfer. (contact us via whatsapp at +39 3338202743 for more information). In this case you will not benefit from the discount on the web and therefore you do not have to buy on this site but contact us by phone!

By purchasing directly on our website through the following payment methods, you will benefit from the discounts indicated below which are also valid for items;
Bank transfer recharge: Discount of 10,00 Euro (up to 119,00 Euro of spending) - Discount of 20,00 Euros (over 120,00 Euros of spending up to a maximum of 400,00 Euros) - Discount of 50,00 Euro (from 401,00 Euro of expenditure)

Nexi Pos service credit cards PayPal circuit: Fee of 50,00 Euro

Shipping Items:
Europe 20,00 Euro (excluding islands)